DH Lawrence signature
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A Digital Pilgrimage

Based on the works of D.H. Lawrence

Artefact 1: Mr Muscle

by James Walker. Artwork by Izaak Bosman.

"He could cook, he could sew, he could darn a stocking and milk a cow, he was an efficient woodcutter and a good hand at embroidery, fires always burned when he had laid them and a floor after he had scrubbed it was thoroughly clean." Aldous Huxley.

D.H. Lawrence Alphabet in the Memory Theatre

Artefact 2: Lawrence's Alphabet

by James Walker. Submitted by Jackie Greaves.

The second artefact in the Memory Theatre is the D.H. Lawrence alphabet, which is rooted in Nottingham's distinctive dialect. This handy reference will have you breezing through Lawrence's works and might even inspire you to create some of your own.