James Walker and Paul Fillingham specialise in the creation of interdisciplinary collaborative digital works that explore Nottingham’s literary and cultural heritage.

The Sillitoe Trail (2012-13)
Commission for Arts Council England and BBC multimedia platform The Space which explored the work of Alan Sillitoe through a virtual trail via connected TV, desktop PC, and a mobile App for iPhone. Contributors to the project included a beatboxer, jazz band, Raleigh factory workers, journalist, historian and a writer.   

Being Arthur (2014)
Commission for the inaugural National Festival of Humanities on the theme ‘Being Human’. The first-ever Live 24-hour Twitter adaptation of Alan Sillitoe’s Saturday Night and Sunday Morning.

Dawn of the Unread (2014-16)
An online graphic novel serial featuring 16 writers from Nottingham’s past. The graphic novel is unique in that it includes embedded content in comic-panels, providing contextual information to enable deeper interpretation and reading. Won a Guardian award in 2015 and was then published in 2016 by Spokesman Books. It is currently being used as an education resource to improve literacy levels by Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature.    

Whatever People Say I Am (2017- )
In production – the sequel to Dawn of the Unread.

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